Intex South Asia - 15 | 16 | 17 November, 2017

Exhibitor List 2017

Company Name Country Product Profile
Company Name Country Product Profile
Abtex International Pakistan Yarns & Fabrics
AJ Textiles India Fabrics
Amarjothi Mills India Yarns
Angoora International India Fabrics
Arvind Ltd India Fabrics
Asia Fit International Co., Ltd. Taiwan Functional / Knit / Woven Fabrics
Bang Overseas India Fabrics
Banswara Syntex India Fabrics
Bid Textiles India Fabrics
Bischoff Textil Switzerland Embroidery Fabrics
Blueberry Impex China Fashion Fabrics
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd India Fabrics/CA
Changle Rongxuan Knitting & Textile Co., Ltd. China Clothing Accessories
Changle Yuanda Weaving Co., Ltd. China Fabrics
Changshu Rongsheng Knitting Co., Ltd. China Knitted Fabrics
Cheerslife Group Limited China Clothing Accessories
Danlong Textiles Co., Ltd. Taiwan Knit Fabrics
Delta Spinning Ltd Bangladesh Fancy Yarns & Fabrics
Dongguan Top Fashion  Appareal Co., Ltd.                    China Lingerie Fabrics & Accessories
Dynamic Group India Tapes and Elastic
Excelassoc Co., Ltd. Taiwan Knit / Woven Fabrics
Foshan Win Long Trading Co., Ltd. China Denim Fabrics
Four Elements Energy Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Performance Yarns
Full Color Co., Ltd. Taiwan Digital Printed Fabrics
Fuzhou Hongyi Trade Co., Ltd. China Fabrics
Giant Knitting Co., Ltd. Taiwan Reflective Material / Transfer Labels
Glowtex Co., Ltd. Taiwan Knit / Woven Fabrics
Good Top Textile International Co., Ltd. Taiwan Knit Fabrics
GTN Group, Cochin India Yarns
Guangzhou Huisheng Textile Co., Ltd. China Denim Fabrics
Hangzhou Bingguan Textile Co Ltd China Fabrics
Hemla Embroidery India Clothing Accessories
Hubei Mega Gold Impex Trading Co., Ltd China Yarns
Innotex India Fabrics
Jainam Silk Mills India Fabrics
Jiaxing Huajin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. China Yarns
Jiaxing Zuobo Paper Factory China Clothing Accessories
Joy Ever Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan Knit Fabrics
Kamadgiri Fashion India Yarns and Fabrics
KCTEX China Indonesia Fabrics
Kewalram Ltd Indonesia Fabrics
KKP Group India Yarns & Fabrics
KPN International Thailand Printed Fabrics
Kumarran Group India Fabrics
Lih Shyang Industrial Co., Ltd. Taiwan Nylon Yarns
Longxin Changle Knitting China Clothing Accessories
Lurex Ltd Hong Kong Metallic Yarns
Madhusudan Mills India Fabrics
Mafatlals Ltd India Fabrics
Master Textiles Pakistan Fabrics
Maykra India Yarns & Fabrics
Mehala Corona India Yarns, Fabrics & Machinery
Mekotex Pakistan Denim Fabrics
Moveyaa Trims Hong Kong Clothing Accessories
Mukesh Industries India Fabrics
Multi Sales Corp India Clothing Accessories
Nahar Textiles India Fabrics
Nirav Silk Mills India Fabrics
Olive Tex India Fabrics
Oswal Group India Denim Fabrics
Pak Denims Pakistan Denim Fabrics
Premco Global India Clothing Accessories
Prosperity Lace International Co., Ltd. Taiwan Laces
PS Weavers India Fabrics
PT Sinar Para Taruna Indonesia Fabrics
Qingdao Diferen Trading Co., Ltd. China Fabrics
Raiser Tapes India Clothing Accessories
Rajvir Industries India Fabrics
Reliance Industries Ltd India Fibres & Yarns
Rolsan Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Yarns, Fabrics & Machinery
Rose Impex India Fabrics
Royal Yaarns India Yarns & Fabrics
Sahiba Industries India Fabrics
Sam Lung Threads Hong Kong Metallic Threads
Saranya Spinning India Yarns & Fabrics
SGKF Industries India Fabrics
SGS India Yarns & Fabrics
Shanghai Aixi Label & Ornament Co., Ltd China Clothing Accessories
Shaoxing Grifo Textiles Co., Ltd. China Fabrics
Shaoxing Haisha Import & Export Co., Ltd. China Fabrics
Shaoxing Jincai Fabric Co.,Ltd China Fabrics
Shaoxing Keqiao Dandi Textile Co.,Ltd. China Fabrics
Shaoxing King Fabric Textile Co., Ltd.      China Fabrics
Sharda Syncotex India Yarns & Fabrics
Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp. Taiwan Polyester Yarns
Shiyun Garment Lace China Clothing Accessories
Sky Hemmay Pvt. Ltd India Clothing Accessories
SSM India Yarns & Fabrics
Styltex Fabrics China Fabrics
T&S Buttons Sri Lanka Clothing Accessories
Taiwan Textile Federation Taiwan Yarns, Fabrics & Clothing Accessories
TEXPROCIL India Yarns, Fabrics & Clothing Accessories
The Woolmark Co. Australia Fibres
Tiara Fashion India Fabrics
Times International India Fabrics
TIT Zippers Turkey Clothing Accessories
Tongxiang City Nylon Trade Co., Ltd.                          China Nylon & Polyester Yarns
VAP Chem - VAP Fab India Chemicals / Fabrics
Vastram Overseas India Fabrics
Very Lace Company Limited China Clothing Accessories
Victus Dyeing India Fabrics
V-Tex Overseas India Yarns & Fabrics
WanKai Textile Co., Ltd. China Fabrics
Wenzhou Foreign Trade Industrial Product Co. Ltd. China Fabrics
WGSN USA Trends Authority
Xiamen Hlx Import And Export Co., Ltd. China Fabrics
Xiamen Hungjin Trading Co. Ltd China Fabrics
Xiamen ITG Group Corp., Ltd. China Woven and Knitted Fabrics
Xiamen Lawinson Trade Co., Ltd. China Knit Fabrics
Yarncoms India Yarns
Yiwu Junbang leather Co, Ltd China Clothing Accessories
Yvonne Industrial Co Ltd Hong Kong Clothing Accessories
Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials Co., Ltd. China Polyester Fabrics